Importance of physical therapy in post injury


Ever ask yourself the importance of physical therapy? Most people take the importance of physical therapy lightly as they have not been in situations that require physical therapy.Physical therapy is the treatment of an injury or deformity by physical methods such as exercise, massage or heat treatment other than use of drugs or surgery. Physical therapy is essential for a full recovery and an effective pain management scheme. May you still ask yourself of the importance? We recommend you see a professional physio company regularly when you are injured.

physical therapy

Though physical therapy is used to manage chronic conditions, it is a key principle of injury recovery and management of pain. It delivers great pain relief and promotes considerable healing of an injury.

What is physical therapy

A physical therapist is a skilled health professional who helps patients with such occurrences. It is not advice able to treat yourself as many patients do not have the knowledge and skills required to rehabilitate themselves. These may lead to excessive pain and frustration, to add on top of an injury.

Most people have been in accidents and have gone for therapy. If you are thinking that you have been through a similar accident or therapy and that you could treat yourself, it is not advisable as these may lead to a re-injury. Each patient has a different and unique injury. These makes each individual have different and specific treatments. They will vary in time and the mode of therapy you use.

Therapy is greatly effective in reducing pain, improving and restoring mobility of a patient through strengthening and stretching exercises. Therapy design proper recovery and prevention exercise schedules to ensure safe and maximum healing. Treatment plans are put in place to relieve pain, improve strength, increase motion and relieves stress both mentally and physically. If experiencing problems in standing, walking or moving, therapy assists for orthotic prescriptions. An orthopedic can also be helpful, we recommend orthopedic Dunedin.

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The large amounts of health care bills can be reduced by use of physical therapy. In cases that the injury is severe. Therapy also helps you avoid surgery in some cases. And in the event of a surgery, pre-surgery medical therapy is offered to give and help you undertake the surgery stronger and in a better shape. All of these treatments put in the wrong direction can bring negative results and can lead to a re-injury.


Physical therapy is of much importance to the injured. It helps one mentally and physically. Once practicing your body to resume normal functioning slowly you will adapt. Ensure’s a maximal performance safely and addresses the pain and starts the healing process safely. In any injury healing is an important process, that’s why we recommend a good physiotherapy, to visit their website go here.